Wednesday, December 29, 2010

two and a half

two and a half, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.

it is going very fast.
i have to admit though, it is a definite challenge to balance the needs of a toddler, an 11 year old and a 15 year old. 
just their schedules alone are up at 6 a.m. to one who goes to sleep at 2 a.m., with one in the middle who thinks they are forgotten. a little tricky to balance.

i have to be was tempting just to sit in the chair and watch him play happily on the bed. i could have rested my weary bones as he was content jumping and spinning and laughing, not even really aware i was there.
but i got my camera ( all the way from downstairs) and made these moments. 

an aside: there is a photographer, david duchemin, who was having a chuckle the other night over photographers who use the word "capture" when they refer to their photographs. 
um, yeah. damn hard not to use it in this case as this was kind of like stalking an unwilling animal.
but i didn't use it.
but somehow "making the moment" seems a little odd.

i just take photographs. 
ones i love and make me smile.
they do not even have to be of my own kids.

but when they are? 
i am okay with that.
because these times will be over sooner than we realize.

i spent time with someone the other day who is looking back over their life. 
and discussing their regrets about not having had more children.
and it is a big regret as this person begins to realize that their life, at this stage, would likely have been richer with more love in it.
that is a hard truth to was actually really painful to hear.
especially when i have had a tendency to sometimes wish away time faster these days. extreme tiredness does that to you. makes you wish for quieter, simpler, less demanding moments.
i am trying not to do that as often, appreciating the *overindulgence* of love that i have in my life right now.
because i can sleep when i am 70, right?

or am i going to be lying on the floor taking photographs of my grandchildren then? 
who knows;).


DaniGirl said...

You will never, ever regret "capturing" moments like these. It's the moments that make it all worthwhile, like pearls on a string. The string doesn't matter, it's the pearls that are important.

Sue said...

So true, Angela, so true. I miss the days when my boys were little, all at home, safe under one roof. Time just flew, and I look at my nephews with their young families and wish I could go back in time sometimes....but you can't. You have to live each stage to the fullest. Your pictures will hold many special memories.

Sarah said...

He is so gorgeous, Angela (not surprising considering where he comes from.

I like the term capture, really.

margaret said...

we're all so glad you went and got the camera from downstairs. :)

I stand by "capture." that's how it feels. maybe not for everybody, but it is for me. so there.