Monday, December 6, 2010

can someone please explain to me what *holiday attire* is?

before i lose my mind?

i have until friday at 7 P.M. to figure out an outfit.
and i am buying something new. been through my closet too many times.


it is NOT a cocktail party ( for which i have a dress ) is the "sounds like it could mean santa tie and smoking jacket" holiday attire option...but...what if i am dreadfully wrong?

and truly? the tie and smoking jacket is not going to work for me.

so, please..

holiday attire.


links encouraged;).


Sarah said...

"Festive attire calls for semi-dressy fabrics, such as a silk, satin or velvet skirt/pants worn with a silk/satin/metallic/velvet blouse. Velvet dresses (long or short), if they are not so dressy that they fall into the formal or cocktail categories, will also be appropriate. Going a notch down from that look, also appropriate is an outfit consisting of wool or knit skirt/pants paired with a sparkly sweater or faux-fur trimmed one, jacket, or other dressy top. Festive also invites you to wear holiday colors and dressy accessories (jewelry, shoes, etc.). Be true to your own coloring. If the classic holiday colors of red, green, gold, etc. do not look great on you, do NOT wear them. Black is always classy. "

I looked it up. :)

nelly said...

maybe they just want to see some festive ornaments or reindeer jumpers or something? any party that has requirements other than a halloween costume party is already unfun :)

i have some cool xmas headbands if you want to wear one.. why put a tree in your house when you can wear it on your head?!