Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what is the appeal?

, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.
there are these little clothespins that live down the road from me.
i have been known to take photos of them.
i have even sold a few shots of them.

during the apples and arts tour, one of my clothespin shots was the center of attention, without doubt, for the whole weekend.
it now lives in a lovely home that is not mine, happily content on a sunny wall.

what is it about these little guys that bring out such a communal "awww" in people?

i mean, i love them. or i would not take photos of them.
a few of them actually have little stories attached to them, that i have made up.

a little love story...a little loss story...

that is not too weird, right?
i think that draws from my childhood of making little people out of clothespins...

they have been hanging there, pretty well untouched, for the 12 years i have lived here.
it is a cottage property and is maintained but only used for a week or two every summer...and i don't know that anything has ever been hung on this line in that time. and who knows how long they have been hanging out there pre-me:).

they are old...a few have fallen apart, but they are tough. they winter cozy indoor bin for them.

it has to be the nostalgia right? a throwback to the old days, when life was different? slower? quieter?

no idea.
but enjoy.
this guy has no story:(...feel free to make one up for him.


Anonymous said...

this little one fell off the straight and narrow.....

Anonymous said...

I love the romanticism of the photo and the idea that through thick and thin they have always hung on in there. Must be a metaphor in there no?