Tuesday, August 10, 2010

reaching way back

for today's photo...

in cegep ( post high school/ preuniversity schooling in canada ), i discovered the joys of the darkroom.
i joined the newspaper, followed cool indie bands and danced till late in the night at the thunderdome.

this photo, taken for a photography project i did in 1987 reminds me of all the fun of those years. i never knew this guy's name, but he was dating my friend sandy, pictured here, and was just TCFW. seriously;).

i entered a contest today, from photography concentrate ( go enter, it is a good one! and these guys are unbelievable photographers with an awesome attitude about...everything!), and you need to answer "why" you are a photographer for part of the contest.
kind of a very hard question for me to answer.

but then it hit me, part of the reason i adore photography is that it allows me to remember all the people i have loved in my life.
when i photograph someone, i get to keep a part of them, always.
stealing souls? maybe. but in a good way. i promise. 

i have not seen sandy in years. like forever.
but having this photo around just brings that time of my life rushing right back to me.
i even like remembering the crappy stuff, like when sandy's friend...well, it involves somone presently on my facebook, so i will stop there ( lolol ).

i am in a super reminiscing mood this week as i work my way through my files, cleaning as i go. this photo is actually a scan as i can no longer find the original negatives. that makes me very sad...

so an oldie for my photograph of the day. a true old school photograph, taken and developed by me a frighteningly long time ago, for the august break 2010.
it was shot with my minolta XD-11.
a camera i truly need to get back to working order.

and go enter that contest! and check out rob and lauren, the photographers behind photography concentrate...they are pretty amazing.

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C. Knack said...

I adore looking at old photos, remembering people who have come and gone from my life (for better or worse). It is our history after all.

Love this photo and I believe we were doing very similar things in 1987!