Monday, August 9, 2010

developing inspiration...

i would really like some inspiration right now.

i am working on it, partly by cleaning out a lot of "junk" from my many files, leaving me feeling lighter and motivated to fill it up with something new and hopefully beautiful.

and partly by revisiting some older photos. some that i return to time and again ( my sentimental favourites ), thinking about how i would work them now, as opposed to when i originally took them.
i never really question how or why i have taken a photo ( as all that is just kind of instinctive ) but i do question why the hell i chose certain ways to

like my "urban acid" phase.

i love urban acid. just maybe not an every kid shot i took in 2007.
okay, almost every shot period.
i just tell myself that it was a learning thing. a love affair with editing that was developing ( get it;)??) and that hopefully i have gotten better at over time.

although there is that high key b/w thing that i do that i still like and maybe use too often.

when really, sometimes the most true interpretation of the moment is in the simplest  conversion.

oh, and as for my present over preoccupation with green tones...that too will pass;)...just not quite yet! i have to be honest, for every colour shot that i edit, there is usually a black and white version quietly hiding in the background somewhere.

years and years ago, my favourite part of photography was the actual time spent in the darkroom. i do not think i have changed all that much since then, really.

this last reworking is my photo for the august break 2010 . not a new shot, but one that makes me happy. miss h is now 11 and much taller but still as sweet in her affections!

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