Sunday, August 22, 2010

it's saturday night

and i am still coveting the boy toys of friday night.

my friend has a man shack in his back yard that houses not tools ( although he has an admirable tool belt according to his lovely girlfriend!) but...

pinball machines.


very cool.

i wish i had paid more attention to which ones they were...i know one was a "star trek, next generation" machine.
and the other was "getaway" maybe? it played la grange by zz top and had a hot looking car on front, lol.

and there is also a work in progress, an old baby of a machine...too cool.

and i sucked at them, which broke my heart...i grew up playing pinball, and fancied myself quite good.

childhood delusions apparently.

still didn't take the shine off the fun for one moment!

thanks squiddy...i will be back to play soon:)

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