Friday, August 20, 2010

and then it was friday:)

it has been a long week, here in dockland!
but ultimately everyone is happy and healthy and hungry (which is always a good sign).

skunked dogs, unwell parents on both sides, hivey toddler, flattish tires, beat up boats, traveling husband, old memories, tween angst, teen concerns...yep, a normal week in the life of a forty something? i am beginning to think so.

but there were cupcakes, and giggles with bff's, hugs all around from the kids ( yes, even my teen...especially my teen!), interesting new friends and sunshine. lots of sunshine which makes everything easier.

and so i welcome the weekend and am off to play in the sun:)

photo for the august break 2010
on flickr

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Anonymous said...

Hope the sunshine was good to you, freckles evermore pronounced...highlighted, shining red hair....and a smile that always makes those around you smile! S.