Thursday, July 1, 2010

ima hanging at the grind

and not just sipping coffee, either!

A selection of my photos are now hanging in the coffee shop The Grind Internet Cafe & Espresso Bar in the heart of Cornwall, Ontario at 35 Second Street east, right beside the Cornwall Public Library.

They have just opened up outdoor seating and are gearing up for a lovely summer season! They have work hung from a variety of local artists and serve a mean lunch.
Jake is still talking about his lobster roll from today.
And I just like saying Bocconcini Panini.

And the green tea chai latte?
Like a little bit of beautiful in a mug...

So, yeah, we may not have a Bux in town...we have something better. A local spot, supporting local artists, to enjoy an unrushed cup of coffee ( or two, or three...).

The downstairs is fully decked out for your internet needs and there is WiFi upstairs, so you can surf or work while you enjoy the view out the expanse of windows.

The Grind is also one of the stops on the Apples and Arts Studio Tour this September.
More details to follow on that!
The map and brochures are in my hands...let me know if you want some!).

Stop by and say hi to Sue and Kayla ( Kayla has the blue hair, Sue does not;)) and unwind.
At The Grind.

(just had to say it once...)


AntiJenX said...


heathre said...

congrats ang!
such beautiful work - and the coffee shop sounds fabulous!

angela auclair said...

thanks guys:) i know you have seen these pieces a million times,lol.

margaret said...

it's a beautiful collection. bravo, love!

Finola said...

These are simply gorgeous.

Chantal said...

I am going to the Wall on for the night on Thursday. I will try and swing by and check out your work (and indulge in that green tea chai latte!)

DaniGirl said...

Oh wow, how great to see what you chose!! I'll have to swing down to see them in person, though. Can you write a post one of these days about which images you chose and why?

angela auclair said...

thanks dani. there are more there as well, these are just my faves:).

interesting question about why i chose these...i will have to ponder that awhile. i find the choosing part to be both easy peasy and extremely challenging at the same time.

chantal - awesome!! have fun at the concert! i will keep my eyes open for you - we may brave it with the baby ( no sitter!).