Saturday, June 12, 2010

weekly jumping fails...

let's see...there were very few good jumps from me this week,lol...
can not have winners all the time...note to self...remember that you just chased the 13 year old dog down the dirt road in your barefeet before taking the damn picture. um...ewwww.

no success in getting the baby to jump yet...but we are working on it!

miss h continues to be a jumping machine...this one just got overlooked...she gets some hang time!

and in this set of shots, it looks like i was hanging. i am not even posting the creepiest one.

and jumping in public at the waterpark...awesome idea in real guarantee of results,lol - because you are not doing it too many times;)

and for the record? i continue to have awesome friends who will jump for me:). you prove your friendship in your continued  particiaption in my dorky ways:)

two weeks down, two to go...
june is for jumping group on flickr.
check it out.

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