Monday, June 14, 2010


My hubby looked at me the other day and asked me what I was going to photograph once the baby is no longer a baby...

I kind of laughed, because he truly is the focus of most of my work right now, and perhaps I should be nervous about losing my diapered muse...but I am not. I actually got a little excited thinking about that reality.


I mean, I already do. I have scads of landscapes taken, it is something that I actually have grown to love photographing.

But believe me, I can tell you exactly where the baby was in every one of those photos
( usually in the truck behind me, asleep in his carseat...).

Hell, I have landscapes I have shot out the window of my trusty Jeep for when the baby would not sleep and felt way too much guilt to actually get out and leave him for the moment to capture the scene.
Even when he is not in the actual shot, his presence has impacted it in some way.

The growth of my recent photography has mirrored the growth of this little guy, I realize.
Getting pregnant a third of the way into my 365 project, and documenting "our" development daily, was an incredible experience. From belly on, Alex has been the subject with which I have honed my skills. I owe him big for that;). For the inspiration and the opportunity.

And photography?

Well, many of you know how hard that first year was with him ( poor little guy ) and photography gave me the distraction needed to keep me from being completely overwhelmed.
I was always able to retreat to the calm that is my camera life, if not for a little while.
In the middle of the night. Bonding with an Australian photofriend  Editing shots ( making my post partum look a little better than it was...). Immersing myself in something that was not all about my babe-crazed present.

(link to alex's 365...  ) 

So, what am I going to do when Alex no longer is at my camera's beck and call?
When my DJ Drool is too busy with his kindergarten social life to take time with me?
Well, I am not sure...but I will be more than ready to find out.


DaniGirl said...

Sigh. Me too.

I read this post this morning, but came back to read it again. That expression, "my diapered muse" is a perfect turn of phrase and it's been rattling around in my head all day.

Lise Irwin said...

Emotion well translated Angela...I relate...but my muse is ten.

Margaret said...

and I know you will keep making magic.