Saturday, June 26, 2010

summer. finally.

so, i woke up early today. totally excited.
it. is. summer.

so much to do! so much to plan! i almost do not know where to start...

we are getting miss h off to camp tomorrow. packing is nowhere near finished, but it is almost old hat now, after all these years.
i will miss her more than i can possibly imagine, i fear.
my mother in law is valiantly holding it together, but already misses her terribly and she is not yet gone.
i do not even know what the baby's reaction will be when he realizes his "nana" is not here...that will be strange.

my teen has already kicked off the summer with a bonfire and by the looks of his facebook page, seemed to have plenty of fun...perhaps he should have been packed off to camp as well;).
for his own good and our sanity.
this should be an interesting summer for him.

the baby? well, he goes where we go.
and where are we going?
on the cheesiest road trip ever.
kitschtrip 2010.
i need a better title for our adventure...
we are going to cruise the highways and byways of the northeastern states, searching out the gleeful activities that made my childhood insanely memorable.
santa's village.
six gun city.
bromely mountains alpine slides.
if only frontiertown was still here...

suggestions welcome!
oh, baby, what a trip it will be:)

and of course, there will be the lake and dock. and a pile of books. and cold beer. and friends.
lots of friends.

becasue it is just not summer without them.

oh, and for a giggle...
i may camp.
in a tent.

we shall see;).

and you?
what are you doing?


Lara said...

We're definitely going to Storyland :) I also want to try out some zoos. Papinack, Omega and Granby are on my list. I also was thinking of doing a double decker tour bus through Ottawa. And cottage. As much cottage as I can fit in! :)

Happy summer!

Anonymous said...

A tent! Oh my... ( Did you think of me when you typed that? Please say you did.) There are big threats of a tent being purchased this summer. I keep asking: For whom??
Pictures and tales galore please.