Monday, June 28, 2010

i am fickle.

well, about some things.

like summer vacations.

anyone got a house on the cape to rent?

6 hours in a car yesterday, one near death experience ( bet you are glad you are reading my blog now, aren't ya hon?;)), the realization that we need to unwind in a big way...and the plans are a changing.
or perhaps just shifting to better suit our mood.

so, a house on a beach.

that is what we need.

anyone got one?

(the cheesiest-road-trip-ever will happen...and might yet happen this summer...just not in july,lol)


coffee with julie said...

We just rented one in the Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod! Give it a google! :)

We also rented one further north (the further north you go on the coast, the less expensive the rentals seem) via the VRBO site.

Hope you luck turns much better soon ...

angela auclair said...

thank you! going to check it out now:))