Monday, May 31, 2010

Scott Kelby "Old School Photo" Challenge - Part Deux

So, I did it. I took the challenge.

I taped a piece of paper over my LCD screen, threw on a manual focus lens and went and shot like it was 1986 ( first year I was photo editor at the Champlain Bugle, shooting manual film and living in the dark room) was awesome.

Not all my shots were, though. But they never were shooting film. That was part of the excitement.

I think what I was made most aware of with this exercise is how digital has made getting a good shot less difficult. Not easier, per se...because not everyone is  going to get a good shot all the time...but less difficult in that you can now just review on the spot and try to get it right a second ( or third or fourth time ) without having to sacrifice "the" moment if you did miss it on the first try.

Looking at my shots I can see 4 that I would have retaken if I had the chance. Exposure issues in three and focus in one.

Some were throw aways that would have been deleted immediately.
There were a few I liked.

And they all work better in black and white, which made me warm and fuzzy inside. That is what I almost always shot in originally, so I think I was channeling monochrome when I took the challenge;).

I have enlarged my two faves and donated money to the "Springs Of Hope" orphanage in Kenya, like the challenge requested, so I completed the whole dang thing.

And I loved it.
It was fun feeling like I was flying blind at first...but it was even sweeter when I realized that I was in control by the end of the exercise. 

Here is the link to my set on flickr. It really is not much to look at ( I have included my faves and fails here already).

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nelly said...

Bravo Angela - great set .

Ever since I switched to full manual, I stopped really checking the LCD after every shot. Now, i'm more prone to checking the histogram and then judging according to changing times (sunset, clear white sky, etc..). and I think the critical thinking element increased because I'm avoiding immediate feedback and trying to "think the setting" before turning the dials. If that makes sense.

I'll try to post a "film roll, unedited" sometime too. feels like a neat idea.