Wednesday, December 12, 2012


on the last sequential date in our lifetime, i did what i have done on the last two ( 101010...111111...), i took pictures on the hour, for the equal number of hours for the date.

so, today, 12 photos of my day.
which was quite a regular day - sick kid, kid home studying for exams, a room being painted, stuff ( even COOKIES!) being delivered, another day of dressember. it is a good life. 

when people around me complain about the most minor of things these days, i look at them and just think...what is wrong with you? we have so much good in our lives. i think people just forget. 

so, here is to the little minutes of quiet and chaos that make up our days, every day. not just the cool numbered ones. 

1 comment:

amanda said...

I love all of these :)
and yes, so much good in our lives. I try never to forget that.