Friday, October 5, 2012

the evil heron triumphed

the evil heron triumphed, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.
last spring, as i prepared the pond, i heard a swoosh and saw a shadow over me.

it was the biggest heron i had ever seen, suddenly sitting on the branch above me. watching me. scouring the pond for signs of life.

at that point, there were no fish in the pond, as i detest fish. she stayed for a minute and then flew away, wings whooshing.

despite my distaste for all life aquatic, we eventually acquired fish for the pond later in the that i have ended up liking, despite their fishiness. they are calm and always came when i brought out their food. they are my little fishy friends...kind of like dory in their simple ways...but sweet all the same.

well. they were my friends.

see that evil heron above ( the one on the left...the one on the right is a decoy heron meant to scare off the real deal...nope. did not work)? she is a nasty, rotten city bird.

i had fed the fish minutes before she landed in our yard. despite the barking of the dogs from inside, and the pounding on the windows of little four year old hands...she stayed, eyeing the pond confidently. i finally had alex open the door and release the hounds...hoping to be rid of her. as beautiful as she is, i know what she was there for. and i preferred to keep goldie and meyer and the rest (yes, i named the fish)...alive.

well, i had to leave to run errands and i fear that the evil heron returned in my absence and ate all my fishies. they were not small fish. they had grown to be large fish. very large fish. so i hope that stupid bird has a wicked stomach ache now, as my fish food floats aimlessly in a pond that no longer has any inhabitants...

nature is cruel. i told alex that the heron took the fish to feed her little heron babies...

but i know the truth.

she is just a hungry bird who outwitted me. and ate my fish.

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