Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the august break, twenty eight

i have to aim up to capture her now. that is weird.

her omi made that hat.
which she will likely wear from this point on.

this morning miss h started at a new school and i have fingers crossed for a very exciting day and a very happy girl at the end of it.
yes...the all girls school is now a thing of the past. somehow i think this is not such a big deal. the soul suckingness of her first year of high school is behind her.

no more demerits. or rather, the threat of demerits, since she never really earned any.

what kind of environment is that for kids to learn in? making girls more concerned about the length of their skirts and non-academic minutia as opposed to encouraging them to learn and thrive in a positive environment.

hey, new high school? you have a lot to live up to;) - do not prove us wrong!

(note: my oldest has already been at this school for a year and we are actually going in knowing it is terrific:). i mean, if it can make jake happy? then we are set. in his words? it was "sick" today).

so, my hope of my old all girl high school providing the same kind of fabulous memories for miss h has been shifted. instead, she will be free to engage and perform and embrace school in a whole new way.

and it should be fabulous.

see, while i loved my experience, i had a sister who did not. a creative, funny, outrageous girl who...well...did not necessarily bring out the best in the nuns. and they failed her completely. and my girl? well, she is somewhat like her aunt. perhaps not quite as crazy. so before we went any further with what we knew was not working, we chose to learn from the past and made a change. putting my nostalgia aside for something new.

 and the nun that scowled at holly on the first day, last year? we should have taken it as an omen.

August Break 2012


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Lovely post and fingers crossed that the experience is positive but OMG is your child stunning. STUNNING. Nice shot.