Sunday, August 5, 2012

august break, three

august break, three, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

summer days get away from me so quickly.

taken up with mostly doing nothing, we seem to be always on the move to the next nothing.

it is a nice way to be, really. it could be much worse.

i wonder if these lazy, hazy days are the days that one must miss the most, when life serves you up challenges or for when you simply run out of time.

the little moments.

the last game, august break, four

the forgettable ones.

milo, august break, five
that maybe are not so forgettable after all.

an image a day for the month of august with the august break 2012

August Break 2012


Anonymous said...

Hi Angela :) I'm Ana Eugénio from Portugal and I'm doing the August Break with you too ;) hope you have an extraordinary week ahead. xxo

rakusribut said...

love the one called: the last game....brilliant! beautiful division of the frame, lovely DoF.... has a kind of nostalgic feel... love the point of view and the fact that the 'grown-up' 's head is cut off...:-() super!