Wednesday, April 25, 2012

saturday, april 21, 2012

saturday april 21, 2012, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

a roll of film.
one day.

it was rainy. and i may have been a little pissy. but damn if i was going to not rise to the challenge.
because i like challenges.

and, truth be told, i was curious as to whether or not i could still make decent film photos.

yes, i take photos almost every day. but...and please do not crucify me for is...easy.

you get do overs.
you have a delete button.
you do not have to pay for your misclicks.

well, film holds you accountable.

if you goof it because you are rushing, impatient, lose the moment.

but back to saturday.
i found my film camera in the closet while cleaning up and there was a film in it. three shots exposed.
and i had no clue from when.
i checked and the batteries were still good to i really had no excuse not to finish the film...

so i did.

and i blew many of the shots.

however...and it is a big however...i was happier with the shots that did work than i have been with anything in a long time.

there is something about film that just feels right to me.
it is likely a nostalgic thing...oh the tones, the grain...

and it is not like how it used to be, with hours spent in the darkroom getting it just right...well...okay, not even like 10 years ago when i would get film developed ( anyone else remember 20$ rolls and asking for doubles?)
i totally just walked into black's and had them make me a cd.
for 6.98$

that is cheap.

i was a little shocked. so cheap! i could do this more often.

but, back to the images.

i had some total misses.
if i had had a screen? would have been an immediate delete.

woof. missed that one.

yeah. it is no better if the right way.

 serious misses.

hmmmm. anything in focus would have been nice.

i could have made it a little easier on myself by using a lens that was not manual focus and by not trying to photograph a three year old or a dog...but where is the fun in that? it was supposed to be shots of my everyday...and well, my life is not necessarily manual friendly.

but then there were the keepers.

my friend amanda tweeted the comment "i believe in film" after sharing on of my shots of holly. and that warmed my heart. the image is not totally crisp. the contrast is not perfect. there is a light leak.
but it felt good.
it shared a moment in a way that was perfect. that needed no tweaking.
not a spot of post processing.

and we know i love my PP.

and better yet? when holly saw the photo? my totally 2012 tween, on top of the coolest apps for her android?
she loved it.

and it became her profile pic.
and these days?

that is the best compliment you can get;)

so yes, i believe in film.

anyone else?

the details:
camera: canon rebel G
film: kodak bw400cn
lenses: lensbaby composer ( for the blurry edged images) and a leica 90mm/f2.0 for my faves

and the mystery shots?
from after school pickup, in 2009 or 2010...not sure.
but my lovely friend lise was there and a much younger holly!



Neil said...

Man, your photos are good. My first time at the blog! Hi.

angela auclair said...

thank you!
and hi back:)