Wednesday, April 4, 2012

how i spent my saturday...

le clothing swap

what is that you ask?
it was friends, free clothes, cupcakes, wine, prizes...
how does that sound?

flashback to years ago, when i would say "man, we should just get together and share clothes" to a few close friends. garbage bags would be exchanged and that was the end of it.

then, a few less years ago, some friends and i actually managed to get together and swap clothing...there may have been a little more drinking than swapping going on but the entertainment value was priceless ( jen? kelty? lisa? any of you remember that;)??).

then fewer years ago i met marci - of suzieswapper fame - who traded clothing for free on a large scale! our friendship was instantaneous:).

finally. most recently, i came across a party article espousing the benefits of an official clothing swap - clean closets, environmentally responsible living, frugalocity- well, who am i to stand in the way of the betterment of society - i was sold!

i wrote up an online invite, asking moms and daughters to join in. 
having a teen...well, you quickly realize that all this clothing buying is an expensive endeavour. they grow...they have their own tastes...they *neeeeeeeeeeeeed* it.
i figured this was a terrific way to have fun with moms and their girls and clean house and see good clothes passed on to the next generation of fashionistas.

 i held my breathe when i sent the invites...
i was not sure if everyone would respond as enthusiastically to the idea as i hoped they would.
but then the yeses started rolling in.
and i got to planning.

the rules were easy - for every piece of clothing you brought, you could take another. 
want more than you brought?
drop 5$ per extra piece donation in the jar for holly's charity of choice - the *DO IT FOR DARON* foundation and enjoy!
if you wanted to bring home your left over pieces, you could, everything else would be donated to a woman's charity. 
oh! and fill out a ticket per piece of clothing brought for a chance to win super cool doorprizes donated by 

 of course, cupcakes and wine were involved as well.

easy peasy. 

then sit and wait for the doorbell to ring.
(i had a crack team of organizers working hard behind the scenes - thank you mom and nicki and holly, punchmakers and cupcake icers extraordinaire)

and ring it did! 
a half hour into the party and the clothing racks were crammed with super finds!
actually, every available surface was covered in retail heaven... 

lululemon sweats, paige jeans, j crew dresses with tags still on, hollister shorts and tees and hoodies, banana republic blouses, the perfect pair of red jeans.
 and the hats went fast. 
and the purses.
a purse was the very first item swooped up - by marci, the queen of swappers, actually ( it was my sister's!).

the selection was huge. 

 we had three change rooms in full busy rotation the whole time, with much discussion and suggestioning going on. 
all available  fashionistas were truly helpful with their advice and experience.
did i mention that between several of us, we had over 65 years of retail experience at work?
oh yeah, it was something else.
girls looked GOOD!

and the energy never fizzled...
when an ottawa friend arrived a bit late, laden down with baskets filled with j crew, BR and CM goodness, i swear whispers of "fresh meat" could be heard rippling through the crowd...
the baskets were opened and the excitement continued!

and was over.

cupcakes were sampled 
prizes were won
wine was drunk

recycled bags left in happy hands and my first annual mother and daughter clothing swap ended.

a total success.

in the few days since the swap, i have had many more people show an interest...and yes, there will be another.

i am still working on a plan - perhaps a smaller, seasonal one in the fall?
 in time to share winter jackets, boots, cords?
funky mittens? scarves? 
oh yeah...
apple cider and pie, perhaps?


marci said...

The whole afternoon was fabulous...felt great to rid myself of clothing I no longer wear {and a few I have never worn} ....and it was even nicer to accidentally {ha!} show up 20 minutes early and grab the first swap! You and your family were wonderful hostess' and I can't wait for the next one!

Amadika said...

It's such a neat and different way to get together with friends and family! It's a win-win situation! You get rid of stuff and get some "new to you" in exchange! Plus, you do some good by donating to charity! Eco-friendly party! I had a good time and I'm getting ready for the next one! :)))