Monday, March 19, 2012

clover, queen of the parade

clover, queen of the parade, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

awwwww. st. paddy's day in montreal.

i have loved the montreal st patrick's day parade since i was young. i am not sure if i went much as a kid...but i always *knew* about it.

i definitely remember going with my friend tierney ( with a name like that how could she NOT go????) and her family in high school.

and then back to going but not remembering so much in cegep with my friend deirdre ( again...friends with irish names! you have to know we had too much fun ).

green beer. 
that is what i remember from those parade years.

and the inside of dark irish pubs, the smell of guiness soaked deep into the wood of the bar...surrounded by songs and laughter and goodwill. always such a feeling of community, irish or not, on this day.

i knew that when we moved back, i would not miss my first parade in more than a decade.

although i ended up going with my big kids plus a friend, not the family day as expected, it was great:).

downtown parking spot snagged ( thanking my lucky stars for that!), a stroll down a closed off crescent street ( always fun ), finding a spot with sidewalk seats for the girls, running into old friends completely by chance, warm sun on our faces, a cotton candy vendor...could it get much better?


there was clover;)

the 8 week old puppy, dressed to the nines in parade wear.
when she decided to take a nap on the street, traffic all but came to a stop while photographers, reporters ( camille roos from CTV stopped for a chat with her ) and more iphoneographers than i can count stopped to capture her snoring...

the parade kicked off with the Blackwatch pipers ( please correct me if i have that wrong ) - with an old friend, jeff, leading the way.

a sea of green, an ocean of beer, streets full of people cheering, a sky full of could not have been a more beautiful sight.

 but no green beer this year.

maybe next;).

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Chantal said...

That looks like a lot of fun! :) We attended Ottawas parade for the first time this year and I am already looking forward to next!