Thursday, February 9, 2012

behind the scenes

behind the scenes, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

once in awhile i get to take photos for real.

and it is always a blast.

what do i mean by *for real*?

well...where the final product ends up in a magazine or on a website or on someone's walls.

dabble, issue 6, february/march 2012

my most recent adventure involved janet villenueve and joy zaczyk, the moggit girls, and their feature in this month's dabble magazine, where they are also known as
The Quick Tip Chix.

You can find the article here:)

milo - dabble, issue 6, february/march 2012

and yes, milo did get included...who can resist a puppy?
not the art director at dabble we found out!

this is my second assignment for joy and janet and what i find most interesting is how these shoots are put together. 
now, i am sure not all photo shoots run quite as smoothly as this one, as janet and joy are ridiculously organized and naturally good at what they do, but the amount of detail work is insane. 

it is, ultimately, the details that make the room interesting. the books on the shelf...the fluff of the comforter...the tone of the pillow...the fold of the blanket...the placement of the flowers ( which in this case was supervised by janet's mom, on site for maternal touch detail )...tiny elements that fall into place to create a room you just need to fall into.

now, this is not to say that this happens without a ton of work. 
cuz it don't. 
by the time i show up with my cameras (and a puppy?), janet and joy have placed, replaced, worked, reworked, bought, unbought, ironed, unironed, added and taken away a plethora of *things* you, the viewer will never see.

their job is to make you feel a room. 
i can tell you all about how soft those white sheets under the double comforter were ( yes, because i was caressing them the whole shoot ) but if you do not feel it when you look at the photo? then all that work is wasted.

dabble, issue 6, february/march 2012

one of my favourite photos from the day is the top image from this post. the mirror shot with the ironing board, the socks on the floor ( there for the benefit of the puppy ), the camera lenses on the board, the second camera with it's strap hanging down ( i have learned the value of always having a second camera now) and the opened, half drunk cup of coffee. 
total imperfection in front of the perfection of the dressed bed. 

and the puppy.
the puppy was never supposed to be part of the scene. 
i had gotten milo three days before this job and as there was a bit of travel involved, i could not leave him at home. 

joy and janet were seduced quickly by his little puppy ways and next thing i knew, they had him on the bed, luxuriating on the comforter, like a king. 

he was a little spoiled. 
not just by the girls but also by janet's family who stopped by. i actually thought that perhaps her brother was not going to let me take milo home;).

after the shoot, and some wonderful lunch that included homemade croutons ( sooooo good...that janet knows how to craft a caesar salad, let me tell you), i went home and processed the images.

i had not intended on including the shots of milo, they were taken for fun and for my ongoing chronicle of my life through pictures...but they were too cute not to share with joy and janet. 

well, they were also included in the set that went to the art director at dabble...who decided that yep, indeed the puppy needed to be in the voila! milo got his big break. 

see why i love doing this?

and there was even more puppy goodness...dabble was fabulous in including a plug for the animal rescue, animatch, in the article and that kind of publicity is always welcome.

and janet's brother? the one who had a hard time not dropping the puppy into his pocket and taking him home? 
he ended up adopting a rescue dog from up north through animatch. 
how cool is that? 

enjoy the magazine - it is a canadian product, with much canadian talent. 
and thanks to janet and joy for inviting me to play!

and a nod to justin who dos the best bts posts.

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Lisa said...

Very cool Angela. I just love all the white tones of these pictures. And, you did an excellent job of capturing the feel. I would love to do something like this one day.