Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby A is really now NotsoBabyA

Baby A has a big boy room now, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.
he is a big boy, in a big room that is slowly but surely coming together.

he is toilet trained. yep. it happened.

i am a little scared to let go of those pull ups...

but as i learned this week, there is nothing a bottle of water and a tim horton's bag can not take care of.

you really do not want to know more.
trust me.

the room is all about the cars.
everything is all about the cars.
it has to be genetic.
i know a grandpa looking down from somewhere that would be thrilled with this.
and encouraging him.

i had been planning on photographing the kids in their new rooms since we moved in...but it is 6 months in and this is the first room that is near being finished. but i am working on it. verrryyy sloowwwwllyyy.

each kid wants a room with their own stamp on it. especially important it seems with the move and setting up new roots. i am not hiring anyone...hell...i am not even painting...we are just collecting and creating. decorating on the cheap.

i will be buried under clothes in a matter of minutes anyways, right?

(jake, i AM talking to you...)

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Lisa said...

Potty trained?!?! I am SOOOO envious!!!

Love how you talk about your kids.