Saturday, December 17, 2011

apparently i am lacking in a little christmas spirit this year

to real tree or not..., originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.
it started off well...m went to china and i lugged our fake tree up and out of the basement and set it up in our lovely library all by myself. i thought it would look great in the window, all twinkly and stuff.

i got a wreath on the door, some garlands strung and the nutcrackers out.

and that is where it stopped.

somehow between the garlands and the nutcrackers i got all grinchy.

i went to prepare the house for a hockey christmas party and realized that all my christmas paraphenalia and beloved ornaments were still in storage...far enough away for me not to be able to get them.

and somehow that sucked the christmas spirit right out of me.

i love real trees, i love the smell, i love the mess, i love the feeling it infuses a home at christmas with.

i seem to just have a problem with christmas.

so. here we are, the 17th of december without a real tree.

of course the fake tree is lovely. but it is ornamentless. as would be the real tree if we were to get one.

but relatively puppy proof. that is a good thing.

because i am a little over digging through storage units in the freezing cold. i am kind of over unpacking anything right now. i just want it to be.

hell, for all i know, this year i will find unwrapping gifts to be a chore. perhaps we can just use the boxes and paper left over from the move in an effort to regain some sort of environmental balance in our home.?

there was a lot of paper. so much guilt.

about the guilt.

my i don't *wannas* are being loudly criticized in my head by the *how can you nots*?

what about aunt nicki's raunchy ornaments ( santa hangs his mistletoe WHERE???)?

what about my yearly christmas ball photo with alex?

what about dog's sniffing around the bottom of the tree ( and occasionally retiring a tree skirt;)...yes, charlie, i am talking about you:)) looking for nature?

what about our chief ornament?

what about adding a hudson ornament to the tree this year?

what about tradition?


i wish someone would make the decision for me...

( cue the dramatic pause and a ringing doorbell )

well look at that.

m left under the premise of scoping out a gift for someone in the family and came home sporting a big old tree.

a real one.

with sap.

and hopefully no squirrels.

who would have guessed that the not so christian one in the family would be the one with all the spirit?

i should have known:)

so a real tree it is.

but before he brought the tree into the house, m made me promise to find some christmas spirit and be nice.

which is weird, because i would have pegged him for wanting naughty instead;).

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sharon said...

I think being naughty is the new nice ;)

I get what you mean about the whole spirit thing. Our house is half decorated this year. Not nearly as many lights outside, not nearly as many decorations inside. I didn't send out cards and the kids still haven't set up displays in their rooms. I keep blaming it on the no snow but really, what the hell is wrong with me? Maybe we need to sit down with coffee and baileys to discuss.

Also I love dirty christmas sayings. I think Santa's sack is bulging