Sunday, October 2, 2011


so i disappear into a week of hell and come back, press a button...and my blog is different???


i can deal.

because really? after the week i have just been through?

a new look to the blog is of very little consequence.
and i kind of think the photos look prettier.

but the prettiest photos this week?

right here:)

the faces of some pretty awesome girls.

and i totally apologize for swiping them off your facebook pages ( take that up with zuckerman;)).


i have dealt with a whole lot of useless ugly this week.

and i am very happy to be surrounded by people who remind me daily of how awesome life is and how wonderful people can be.

"nicki's knockers" ran for the cure today and, despite the shivering, made it look easy:).
my sister nicki's group of friends burst through their original goal...and then through their second goal, raising over 4100$ in funds for cancer.

i can't even put into words how awed i am by her strength and attitude.

and then there is cancer free and looking forward to a life, wonderful and changed. she shares much of her is pretty incredible ( and her photos? fabulous).

she is this years *bloggers helping bloggers* recipient.
the stupid reality? cancer is expensive, aside from everything else it is.
i do not think this group could have chosen a more deserving woman to represent courage, strength and the power of being positive in the face of great, great challenges.

oh...and if you want to see boobies...go here:)

these women just make me smile.


Wendy said...

4100k is amazing!!! Like I said on Facebook--the love that just emanates from those shots is just fantastic. Your sister is freaking amazing. There is steel there, too. <3

PS. Maaan, your words here--you know, I think I am a stronger person because I went through something hard and sharp and it shaped me--but I am a BETTER person because I have surrounded myself with friends like you--both IRL and online. You guys have shaped me, too. And, seriously all I do lately is cry. Y'all have GOT to stop being so awesome. :)

Margaret said...

These are two amazing women. Your sister's smile blows me away. And Wendy? Fierce. From Kate and I...bravo ladies.