Wednesday, September 14, 2011


sitgrtriptych, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.

i have been whinging to myself, quietly, for a while now about not feeling inspired.

inspired to do what, i am not sure...but i have had a general nagging feeling that happens to me sometimes, usually when i am overwhelmed and playing catch up with life.

(that may or may not describe right now)

my way of relaxing is taking photos, immersing myself in something that is not me. even if it is a photo of me ( a serious non issue of late ) and i have not had a whole lot of that quality of time lately.

worse? i have not even had time to properly appreciate the beauty that others see around me.
hell, some of my favourite people have taken to sharing their work again and i missed their re entry completely. that does not sit right with me.

i have a fabulous community of photographers who i interact with daily.
they range from pros, making careers out of their love of photography ( because it does always start with that simple love ) to newbies who have just picked up a camera.
every day i learn something new from this gang of phodos...photographers. the diversity of my group of friends has allowed me to learn so much in a positive way.

sharing is caring:)

in this vast network of friends i have developed, is a hardcore group of women photographers i adore. their styles are vastly different ( which makes sense as every one's vision is different ) but every one of them inspires me.

their use of light.
the tones of their photo.
their ability to capture emotion in a gaze.
the talent of choosing the perfect word to accompany their image.
seeing lines where others see...nothing.
making the simple fantastic.

so, all this is weighing on me last night when these three photos above lined up in our small group pool of photos last night

and then i smiled.

instead of the shadow of ineffectiveness that has been plaguing me for weeks now...months maybe? i felt refreshed. that three images, seemingly disconnected, could just seem to *be* so well with each other was the perfect antidote to my case of the photo blues.

i took the liberty of making a triptych of the three shots, not changing one bit of processing from the originals as posted, not quite sure what the other girls would think...

well, they liked it.

so, thank you amanda and jen for making my little barred owl such a happy little bird, sandwiched between two lovely ladies:). thanks for endowing him with a little bit of special. now, you may not be able to link to jen's stream...i am not sure if any of it is public or not. if you can not see it, be assured that it is wonderful...she just creates for herself.

which is kind of cool in itself. maybe that is what i have to get back to. i had a lot of fun way back when i did not care what anyone thought about anything i photographed.

perhaps that is the trick...


AntiJenX said...

♥ i said it on flickr, but i'll say it here too, i love this. and i love you. thank you so much. ♥

Younes said...

I dunno about that...they have nothing in common damn it :)