Thursday, August 25, 2011

not where i was supposed to be

juried photo show, originally uploaded by Jhascrapmom.


i was supposed to be at a gathering in montreal, somewhere yummy with great, creative friends.

i ended up at a gathering in ontario, somewhere with yummy and with great creative friends...

i managed, in the craziness of the move, to forget a file of papers miss h absolutely needed to register for school tomorrow morning. early.
very early.


(amongst other things)

so off to *empty house* we went to collect the only things left in the *empty house*.
so weird.

somewhere around 8 PM, when i was in the wrong province, at what should have been dessert time in montreal, i realized i was not going to make it.

le sigh.

i owe a certain wonderful redhead ( aka marci ) a big fat sorry. i hate bailing.
what i did get to then do was run by the cornwall art gallery's juried show awards night.
i was late, of course, and missed all the awards ( and the choices were bang on, imho).

but there was punc and pickles and olives. so a perfect evening.

and no, i won nothing.

i am okay with that of course, but i must share that miss h was *NOT* impressed, dear judges.

so glad to be a part of shows like this...a huge part of the reason why there are some things in my little ontario town that i am not going to let go of.

unless they make me.

and then i will sneak in under some ontario alias;).

and as for my missed gathering...please tell me there will be a second? i will be there.

as for the move...if you have not figured it out by now...very little time was dedicated to unpacking today. tomorrow. probably. hopefully;).

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Andrea said...

I read daily, comment rarely. Anwhere, really. But I do keep up.

Your posts always leave me feeling calm and happy. You're contagious. :)

Lots of time for unpacking. I'm still doing it here and there.