Friday, July 1, 2011

once upon time

there was a lovely maiden.
she was full of mirth and joy and brought much happiness to those who loved her.
but there was a pallor over her land, one that tempered her happiness and frought angst among the maiden and her loved ones.
one sunny day, the maiden made up her mind to rid her environs of the cloud of dismay that hovered and followed her.
and so she did.



(okay, it is never that easy, but let's run with it )

the maiden was a little worried, this being the first time she had ever really been alone, without the cloud.
but...she realized that she was not really alone. she had her beloved mini maiden and young sir with her and together they started a life filled with laughter ( and a few tears ) in a new, little land.
but it was their own.
and it was happy.

but...the maiden knew she was missing something.

one day a new cloud rolled into her sky.
a jovial, witty, somewhat quirky cloud.
a different cloud than she had ever met.
this cloud did not darken her heart but rather lifted her spirits and the spirit of everyone in her new land.
this cloud rained down encouragement and affection and a certain amount of wonder.

(and the occasional kick ass gift )

one day the maiden and her cloud decided it was time to set forth to a new land completely.
again, the maiden worried that she would be leaving the familiar...but with her cloud, she knew that it could only be good.

so, as in all fairy tales, the maiden, her cloud, the mini maiden and the young sir found a beautiful castle on memory lane and moved in.
and it was good.

and then, on a sunny day of canada, july first, two thousand and eleven, the maiden and her cloud brought together all their family and friends to share with them the coming together of their lives.

and all the villagers rejoiced, with happy hearts, knowing that dreams do come true.

be happy my friends:)


kev said...

Quirky, eh? :)

We're happy, and had an amazing time. So happy we got to share it with so many people we love.

Thanks, Ange.

DaniGirl said...

Awwww, what a great love story! It looks like a fun day. Best wishes for a happily ever after to Mr and Mrs Squid and the squidlets...