Monday, June 6, 2011

the only reason why my iphone is not in the trash

is the fact that it has turned into a little darkroom in my pocket.

i am not feeling the iphone4 love that so many profess.
i miss my BBMing ability terribly ( hi chris... hi jen... sad sigh). 

i can not EVER seem to hang up after an actual call ( forget twitter DM mishaps...i am waiting for the inevitable not hung up snafu to happen. not that i swear or comment snarkily after my calls of course. ever. really ). 

i am not careful with my phone and the iphone is...well...precious, really. 
not at all like my blackberry which took a flying spill off of the top of my jeep - while driving - and didn't even make a peep. 

i don't play games.

apps are not the be all and end all. 

and are certainly no reason to have a phone. 

but they are.
at least the photo ones. or phodo, depending where you are from.

and the latest adition to my portable darkroom...

 i hate to admit it...but these make the iphone worth it to me. 
i am presently without a point and shoot ( damn you fujifilm finepix x100, damn you and your non existent delivery date!!!!) and use my phone as a camera every day.
on top of the photos i take with my big camera.
yep, i likely have months worth of a daily project sitting right there on my phone.

why do i love this so much? well...i adore film. i have plastic cameras, instax cameras 
( thin and wide ), diana lenses, too much 120 film and a love of the imperfect. 
i also live somewhere where there is super limited service for film development and film procuring...
so to be able to have a huge variety of developing options in my phone? which rarely leaves my hand as it is? 

too much fun.
hell, you can even cross process your hipstamatic shot with shakeitphoto and add it to your community.
yep. you can.

check out any of the apps i have mentioned. they are fun and fabulous. 
i am now just working on getting some shots printed ( not everyone ships to canada...hello...hipstamatic? i am looking at you ) and am curious to see how they turn out.

i never thought i could be swayed by an app.
but apparently i can be swayed by many apps.

anyone have a favourite i have not mentioned? 
( oh - filterstorm is goooood as well, for more traditional editing ).

sorry RIM. please pick up the pace on your camera apps and we will BBM again...but until then, i will just have to be careful with my post phone hangup commentary because i am sticking with my new camera baby for a while.

(nope, no promises of free apps were obtained in the writing of this post. not that i would say no;))


kev said...

for rim to have camera apps, they also might want to invest in an optics package that takes pictures that look something better than an interpretation with lite-brite.

angela auclair said...

very good point.

Lisa said...

I also like CameraBag!

Chris said...

hi Crapmom! I have said it once and I will say it again.... the iPhone has a sick camera and the apps are inbredible. Sure do miss ya on bbm though :-(

angela auclair said...

me too. sigh. i feel friendless without you and bunzy...i will send you a whats app invite tomorrow. my phone is not even in the house...where my blackberry used to go everywhere with me;).

Chris said...

I have heard alot about this whatsapp.....

heathre said...

ooh, i have to try a couple of those apps. i went from super cheap ghetto phone to my iphone - and i pretty much only use it for photos, internet and text - hate talking on the phone :)
i'm loving your iphone shots, keep them coming!!

tog_girl said...

love the photos but i know what you mean about iphone. theres no way i am getting another one...