Tuesday, June 14, 2011

amanda lindhout in ottawa

if you follow this blog, you know i have a huge amount of respect and admiration for amanda.

her 15 month captivity captured the headlines but it is what she has created since returning home that has captured the hearts and imagination of many.

tonight, i get to listen to amanda speak about her goal of educating and empowering women.

photo from global enrichment foundation website

she is focusing her attention on the very women of the country that challenged her so much, somalia, through her Global Enrichment Foundation and the Somali Women's Scholarship program.

however, the lessons of forgiveness and of change that she is sharing? they can be applied to many, many situations in our own communities and around the globe.

if you are in the ottawa area, think about attending.

the details are here -

Amanda Lindhout Speaks at UNAC-NCRB AGM

and the pertinent links to her foundation are here:

Global Enrichment Foundation 

Somali Women's Scholarship Program 


hope to see you there.


heathre said...

thank you so much for sharing her story ang. i look forward to hearing about her talk tonight - i'm sure it will be amazing.

angela auclair said...

thanks:) - you so know i will share:).
amanda ( our amanda,lol ) is going as well! looking forward to a moving evening.

tog_girl said...

thanks for sharing her story. we often forget about amazing people around us.

ModernMom said...

I bet she was a powerful speaker!

angela auclair said...

guys...i am still processing amanda's talk from last night. not even sure where to start in terms of how moving it was, on many levels.
i imagine i will be writing something shortly...just still figuring out what to share.

but please, if you get a chance to hear her, or need a speaker with a powerful message? amanda has something of great value to share. truly.