Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i need a sherpa. and more note paper.

because i am just not getting stuff done.

and yes, hon, i made a list.

but with a pukey kid who needs a bath, sheets that need washing, on top of the sheets that already needed washing, photos that need to be developed and dropped of for the BEST elementary school production of *101 Dalmatians* ever ( dalmations? i really need to figure that spelling out sooner than later ), stuff is just not gonna get done today like it was supposed to.

so i am apologizing now.

and yes, i guess i could be doing something this very minute, but i am drinking my coffee and scoffing my weight watchers bread with my low fat margarine, enjoying two minutes of sunshine before i have to wrastle the little one into a day of errands. because it is not going to be fun.

pack extra diapers and wipes. must remember that.
(sherpa, you here that? extra diapers)

i am curious as to why i am not hearing more movement upstairs.
i fear cruella is not yet awake.
( and no, she does not remain in character while off the stage. thank god. )

yep. she was still asleep. no longer.
okay. caillou, harbinger of mirth and morning peace is over, so i am off.
cruella needs a lunch and snacks.


holly said...

it is DalmatiAns!!but none of my friends believe me!! :) it says so on the posters all aroung the school!!

amanda said...

I offer my P/A+sherpa-ing assistance. I've been working out:)
miss H looks great!
i despise caillou and I don't even have kids.

Anonymous said...

the best photo .

Christine said...

I could use a list-writing sherpa.. that would be great! Very nice Cruella! Looks like it was fun...