Tuesday, April 19, 2011

holly's smile for morgan's mile

this thursday, april 21, 2011, a caring and enthusiastic 8 year old is losing something.


a lot of hair.

and so are many other girls who have joined morgan in her journey to collect a mile of hair for hair pieces and wigs for people going through cancer treatments.

morgan's mile

we heard about this on twitter ( where else! ) and thought it would be awesome to join in on the fun.

unfortunately the schedule is not working  for us ( yes, my social butterfly, hockey playing, cruella de vil singing, science fair participating child actually needs to attend school once in awhile ).

while morgan and her gang are getting their hair cut in kanata at jask salon and day spa, holly will be having her hair cut by Lisa at A Cut Above in Cornwall, Ontario.

and while we are missing out on some beautiful before and after portraits by danielle lynn photography...and cupcakes from sugar & spice bakery!!!...
i took some shots of holly pre-haircut to share with morgan and celebrate her great idea.

so, see you on thursday, with a whole new look for our miss h!

oh! morgan is still looking for more girls to join in the fun - and fun it will be! follow the link for all the details.

and if you do not have enough hair to share;), morgan is also accepting donations which will go towards cancer research...to donate.

so bye bye hair...holly  is *knot*  just a little excited about this...she is hugely excited!!


Danielle said...

LOVE the pics Ang! She's so gorgeous - hope you guys can make it to the graffiti wall next week!?

angela auclair said...

the GRAFFITI wall?? holly is beyond excited now!! we will be there:)

Natalie @Nat_Rea said...

What a lovely girl! I foresee a lifetime of caring for others and the world around her. You must be very proud :)

morgan's mile said...

wow Holly!!! thx so much i can't wait to meet you! this will be so much fun to get our hair cut!!! and it also be fun to pick a style!
because we care people with CanCer will now have hair!!!!!

thx again Morgan...

DaniGirl said...

I love this -- such a great kid, such a great cause.

I brought the boys in to get their hair cut last week, and the 7 yr old told me he wanted to donate all the hair they were going to cut off to donate it. (All .75 inches of it!)

Christine said...

Beautiful shot Angela! And what a beautiful girl both inside and out!! :) Can't wait to see the after shots.