Wednesday, April 27, 2011

cornwall. on a foggy day.

cornwall, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.

when i woke up this morning, i smelled the fog.

i am weird like that.

but wednesday mornings are busy in our home. very busy. like, crazy busy. no time for photos.
there has been a lot of that lately.

i tried to  run out to take a few photos before the littlest one woke up, of the lake and the neighbours' docks...but the weird thing about living on an island? sometimes the fog just goes around you. i *knew* it was foggy, i could see the fog, i could smell the fog;)...but you could not feel it in the photos i took, if that makes sense.

so, i returned to the house where lunches were organized, cold medicine dispensed, money handed out, proper t shirts found, a diaper was changed, coffee was finally brewed and gulped, hair was unsuccessfully straightened ( fog usually seals the deal on a bad hair day, but usually makes up for it with magical views ), school drop off one was made, school drop off two was made and i was finally off to work.

and rounding the curve on brookdale avenue, under the bridge, a route i took randomly as it really is not on my way ( but i remain convinced that nothing is far from anywhere in cornwall ), i chanced upon the last bit of fog of the morning.

if you know cornwall, you know there is no parking here.
i found this spot on a little spit of land that runs along the canal. i had to park down by the eco gardens, hop on down the bike path, climb up and embankment and teeter on the remains of the snow dump. i chatted with a few charming older gentleman, muddied my beige tretorns and FINALLY took a photo.

fog, you are my friend.

just for fun, i took this with my leica 90mm/f2.0 lens, a lens i was gifted with over christmas.
it rarely gets the use it deserves.
with the manual focus and the fact that i have had issues focusing with my right eye since march...well...i was taking a chance on getting nothing viable at all today.

so here it is in all it's glory...the cornwall bridge to the U.S.  other wise known as The Seaway International Bridge.  
often controversial and rarely repair free, it is our bridge, love it or hate it.

and how appropriate... as it is disappearing into the fog, as it will soon disappear into the history books, with the promise of a new, sleek bridge coming in the nearish future.

and that, my friends, is your relatively useless information post of the day;). 

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Very cool shot!