Wednesday, March 2, 2011

soooooo sick

the flu has wiped us out this week.
all 5 of us. 
one by one, one vicious symptom at a time. 
not one ounce of productive anything has been accomplished.

so to counteract the pure yuckiness of our reality...i offer you this photo.
of pure, delicious baby.

because even as i fought nausea ( flu, not photo, induced!) while going through this collection of shots for my friend ( as this is her little man ), it made me grin.

and i know it is not in any romantic baby colours...but don't you agree that the details of his little buddha baby belly maxing out the onesie is something that deserved to be noted? monotones served it much better than colour ever could have.


margaret said...

monotones with the stripes and dots is good too.
I love his little lips.

dammit, you cannot make me want to have a baby. :P

nelly said...

awesome possum ! the colour is just fine, I'm dying over the cheek pucker he's doing there. so very cute!

feel better ang.

heathre said...

i LOVE this shot - and the monochrome is perfect. those little lips and buddha belly.

evil flu, be gone!!

angela auclair said...

meg- yes i can;), yes i can;).

thanks miss nelly:)

it i almost gone now...last vestiges of sick...