Saturday, March 26, 2011

just a quiet morning.

no one else is up or around except for me and the little one.
the big kid is sleeping...and will likely not emerge until noon, happy and hungry.
the daddydaughterdangerduo are off at the last hockey tournament of the year.
i was up before the baby ( who i know is no longer a baby but the habit of that name is near impossible to break )but luxuriated in the quiet of my room before starting my day.

me and the sound of returning geese. even now my window is open. i think that sound, the cacophony of geese returning in spring, is one of the pleasures i will miss most when we leave.
oh, and a fox. a red fox was up and chasing breakfast in our back yard, providing entertainment for my coffee time. he left empty mouthed.

as i continue to sort through my vacation photos, something that has never in all my years taken this long, i discover that birds and children not looking at the camera were my subjects of choice this time round. just something inherently calming about them. still children and moving birds. perfect.

i have very few photos capturing the magic that was the first visit of our littlest one to disney. where his siblings had image after image capturing their every awestruck moment...alex not so much.

not sure why. i hope my being a parent who has already been there many times ( not just to "mickey's house" but to all his upcoming milestones ) does not end up skewing the excitement remembered:). it was a lovely trip - full of fun and laughs and wows and first time glee. and it was a shared event, with the oldest member of the family being as thrilled as the youngest many times. maybe it is just how we experience things now.

differently but the same.


Anonymous said...

lovely, thought provoking and peaceful post. I think you will offer a different perspective to him, and he will certainly not miss out in any way. As you said it will be different but with a sharp sweetness from doing it all again when you least expected to!

margaret said...

memories happen whether or not there are pictures. ;) it's a good balance.

Lisa said...

I don't know why this made me tear up. Cause I'm a sap? Love that you had a reflective moment. That you for sharing!

DaniGirl said...

The last few paragraphs of this post brought tears to my eyes, I think because that's where we are, too. It's such a unique and unexpected joy to have my oldest as a partner in enjoying the antics of the littlest.

The peace in the wordy part of your post are a perfect compliment to the peacefulness of the pictures. Together, they make a kind of poetry -- lovely!