Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i learned something new today

i learned something new today, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom.

i really did.
i learned how to cut fabric.


because i have me a little job:).

my friend hatice is opening up a lovely store in cornwall, ontario called bee tree craft.
it is filled with lovely organic fabrics and wools, patterns, organic baby onesies and gifts, pretty things made and pretty things being made.

this is hatice ( and a detail for a baby blanket she is making)

the store has actually been online for a bit now, and will serve primarily as a studio space for the creation of custom bedding ( oh, the cuteness of the baby fabrics is ridiculous...).

however...wednesdays are all mine:).
i get to play worker bee ( get it? bee tree craft? worker bee?) and will happily cut scads of fabric for you to create something beautiful with!

friday mornings i will be there as well, organizing a playgroup and place to meet for local parents. a bit of a different idea for a *store* but a natural fit once you realize that hatice is not just trying to build a business but a bit of a community as well.
i will be sharing more details about the store soon.

but did i mention i can cut fabric now?
in a straight line?
and that i know what *fat corners* are?

edited to add...***okay, i completely entertained hatice with my error - it is *fat QUARTERS* not *fat corners* that i now know how to make ***

it has been awhile since i learned something new. this is fun.

(there may be some photo type stuff going on as well...you didn't think i would leave my camera at home, did you?)


Amy said...

I thought you were talking about wool FABRIC (which is lovely)... BUT I SPIED YARN IN THOSE SHOTS! More info! Need more info!!

angela auclair said...

there is yarn:)). i should probably call it that...i grew up calling it wool! we are just finishing up all the last minute details like a facebook page, twitter, final hours ( as they are staggered as she manufactures the custom bedding on site during the week:)) and fun stuff! the store is ready to go, i just needed to be trained...that could have gone either way;)

margaret said...

love all of this. the job, the new lesson, the gorgeous and super-cool store, the goal of community. wish I lived closer. :)

heathre said...

i LOVE fabric stores - i have a huge stash of fabric but kinda fell off the sewing wagon. maybe your gorgeous fabric photos will inspire me :) sounds like a fantastic space...

Unknown said...

Can't wait to get there. So happy for you new bee work and hatice opening soon!

Chantal said...

I love it when something fun like this comes to Cornwall. Such a wonderful city deserves cool stuff!

DaniGirl said...

Lookit you go!! i love how happy you sound in this post. Hmmm, I am free on Wednesdays, I might just have to make that trek to Cornwall soon!