Monday, February 21, 2011

family day

family day, originally uploaded by jhscrapmom. little project of a shot every month for the year?
well...i missed january. i tried, i really did. but short days and long schedules ensured it did not happen. several times.

so, parentless family day it is to stand in for january's shot.

well, not really parentless.

i was taking the photos. mark was working. because not everyone gets the day off. not even vinyl kings.

we had a great day. dragged the teen out of bed and we all discovered that a *forced* family day can be fun with the right mixture of timmie's sandwiches, free hot dogs, candies and skating.

it was also winterfest in cornwall and we took advantage of it.
it is simple two day, family centered winter fun with indoor and outdoor skating, swimming, hotdogs;) and fabulous entertainment...all FREE.

about the entertainment? it was just fabulous, with the winston marley band for me and splash and boots for the little one ( the middle two dug winston marley as skated and one ipod'd during the little kid show,lol).
job super well done to the *winterfest* team!

and a few photos on the way out. it was freezing. and i parked really far due to my continued aversion to parking lots. they thought it was funny on the way there. not so funny on the way back.


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Danielle said...

Sound like a fun day Ang! My hubby worked today too so it was a whole lotta nothing happening around here. I should have came to Cornwall for some free hotdogs. ;)