Friday, February 4, 2011


my lensbabied baby

my friend dani, from postcards from the mothership and real life ( one of the sweetest real life friendships i have that developed from the online world i *tend* to frequent ), wrote a post on one of my favourite subjects today and was kind enough to include some of my photos!

favourite subject? photography, of course, a subject that dani and i bonded over on flickr.

she is an avid writer, photographer, mom...all the good stuff:). i think she has even won awards and stuff...

and even better than just plain old photography? she is writing about lensbabies and all their bendy ( and now even not so bendy!) glory. 

i love their lovely, quirky  take on the world.

and that dani shared the love:).

stop by and say hi to her!

Dani - 

postcards from the mothership

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Anonymous social media stalker said...

You are as sweet as you are talented. I can barely stand to be in the same blogosphere as you!! And, you made my otherwise crappy day fantastic with this - thank you!