Monday, September 27, 2010


after a fabulous weekend.

i will write more about it later...made me think about many things. about photography. being an artist. what that means. i actually got a headache from some of it. there are a lot of negative people out there.

on the flip side, there are scads of wonderful people who embrace seeing things differently and they, luckily, made up most of my experience this weekend.

but, until i have time to sit and figure it all out, i have real life stuff to do.

my husband was amazing this weekend.
he does not get a lot of credit ( you know, being so shy and introverted and all;))...but he made it possible for me to spend this weekend doing what i love with no other concerns.
and he brought me big macs and coffee as well.
so i am doing my best today to make sure he has white socks in his drawer when he needs them this week;). hardly seems fair.

so until later, back to doing monday things, like hanging with the little one.


kev said...

I suspect a lot of the negativity comes from people who don't look at photography as art. those are the people you should spend zero resources on, as they're not worth the effort required to convert.

art is, and always will be, interpretive. what I think of as art is not necessarily what you think of as art. this is true of everyone, and it's a good thing.

focus on the people who share your worldview. think about the people who don't and, if you can, incorporate elelements that you think will change their minds, but don't take them on individually. opinion is personal, and is too often shared, mainly be people looking for a fight. you have better things to do. :)

glad it went well and I'm sure not everyone thinks you talk too much ;)

angela auclair said...

i love you deadsquid:)
and i might share part of this comment in the post i want to write about it, k?