Saturday, August 14, 2010


that was what today was all about;)

revitalizing our youth
(by me rousing a not so happy teen out of bed at an ungodly hour to do something good:))

revitalizing the spirit of giving
(for a worthwhile charity)


revitalizing our community
(participating in the moving forward of the renewal of a town that never quite seems to get a fair shake)

revitalizing the feeling of friendship and team work
(and the fulfillment that that brings in and of itself)

thanks to the organizers, volunteers and participants in the first annual sun life water fest, in honour of the heart and stroke foundation.

cornwall, our little ontario town of many challenges;), shone today.
we caught a glimpse of the wonderful sense of community and future that our little piece of heaven holds.

now, lets just hope those who hold the power remain as energized as we were today and use that power to move forward in realizing the potential of our city.

small towns rule;).


m5 said...

bravo. you and your town.

Anonymous said...

well said(from Lise)