Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ma famille - august edition

last month i started a project where i promised myself that i was going to take a family portrait a month.

i was completely inspired by tara whitney and her family photo project, six people twelve times.
she inspires me in many ways, as a photographer and a mom and as an individual...and i take something away from her writing and way she lives her life every time i visit her blog.

and so, here i was, august 31st...and while month one was safely and optimistically tucked under my belt, month two was looking a little desperate.

why? because i didn't want to just take any old shot. which goes absolutely against what i stated when i started this project a month ago.

it is supposed to be a snapshot of a  moment.
not fancy, not terrible composed...
just us.

fine, then.

"just us" this month has been us all over the place, lol.
a little harried, a little scattered, maybe even a little cranky...
doing a lot of our own things, but at the same time coming together to continue some fun traditions...like roadtrips and fairs and appreciating our beloved dock.

so, here we are. on the dock.
separate yet together:)

and not only me pressing the shutter this time, everyone ( birthday boy excepted ) got to press the shutter of mommy's new toy and watch their purty faces appear.

twice actually.
because i shot a first round of shots on the wrong setting and wasted four  before i realized what i was doing. sigh.
( "just keep watching it, it will get darker already!!!"...um, no stupid photographer person, not if it is on the totally WRONG setting). god, my kids love it when i mess up.

so, here we are, from the dock ( giggle;)).
using my instax mini 7s.
pieced together with tape.
and love, of course:)

***this is my last august photo for the august break.
the group was so wonderful and inspiring, that it has been decided that the group will continue on as ABC ( august break continued ).
please feel free to visit this flickr group - it is filled with many talented photographers and bloggers from all arenas of life:).

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DaniGirl said...

oh! I love everything about this -- the project, the inspiration, the instax, the screw-ups, the fact that everyone shared -- this is AWESOME! You are truly delightful, yanno?