Wednesday, August 4, 2010

big sister love

it is not always easy being a big sister. even when you love your little brother as much as this girl does.
he adores her...and shows his adoration often. too often.
by pulling her hair, throwing cars at her or destroying her puzzles. often.
he just wants her attention.
and he gets it.
along with much yelling and frustration.


she is a patient girl and dotes on this little man. he is a lucky boy.

today, in the mail, we got what i think is the last of her letters from camp.
and in it?
a song she wrote for her little brother.
i want to share it, because i want her to remember and realize how special this was to read and how special she is.

her song...

thought it would be fun to get away for awhile
i didn't know i was the cause of that smile
you were watching me walk away. wishing i would stay.

now i can't stop thinking of you.
you are on my mind from dusk till morning dew.
oh how i miss your face.
in my heart you get the #1 place.
oh, how i'm missing you.

even though you annoy me some days,
that's how you communicate your way.
pulling hair and biting me, to show that you care, hey, hey.

let me tell you something baby, i'll be home soon
there are no maybe's.
don't worry your little heart, i'll soon be there to comfort you.

i'll see you soon.

yeah. we dig her.

(a diptych of these shots can be found in the august break 2010  on flickr )


m5 said...

tears in my eyes. she is an amazing girl.

Nadia said...

So touching! Brought tears to my eyes.

Amadika said...

I'm tearing up too ! wow ! she's one amazing sister/girl alright !

Unknown said...

That is so adorable! I was once in her shoes, back before I moved away to college I had a 5 year old and 2 year old brothers living with me. I've been out of the house now for 8 years and though they're only a 30 minute drive away, I still miss them dearly. I was never able to express my feelings to candidly as this older sister. What an amazing gift! Oh and the photographs are lovely by the way. ;)

nelly said...

awwww! that's so great :)