Friday, July 23, 2010

tears of sadness and joy

not much to say other than i am happy:) - happy that she had such a great time...and happy that she was so glad to see us!

and yes, she soaked in the bath for a good long time once she got home.

and then had birthday cake.

and is now curled up in her cozy bed, a year older and just as wonderful as ever.

thank you camp ouareau:).
for giving her the most wonderful memories.

89 years of camp. celebrating their 90th year next year...
take a peek at where miss h spent the last 4 weeks.

camp ouareau for girls

it is rustic, classic and out of this world.

this is jacqui.

she is the heart of the camp.
along with her incredible family, ouareau is run with love, a sense of humour and an incredible sense of community.

it really is something special.

oh, and someone else is super happy as well...
the daddy-daughter-danger-duo has been reunited.

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the meaklims said...

Oh I love that daddy daughter photo! What is it about Daddies and their little girls?