Tuesday, July 20, 2010

slowed it down

that is what i did last week.
at least for me.
i slowed down.

i don't relax a whole lot.
or i am not relaxed a whole lot. i know there is a difference.
i hover, i worry, i over think and i pester.
i rarely sit down at home. i do not necessarily get a lot done, but i rarely sit.

unless i am at the computer.
which i likely am a little too much.
i can't help it...i fall into my photographs ( okay, and other people's ) and i like it. so i stay there.

well, last week, i relaxed and let go of my photorelaxation habit at the same time.
and it was nice. weird, but nice.

i read four real books.
(two good, one great, one mediocre to disappointing, none particularly intellectual ).
i took 400ish photos.
i vacationed with my boys.

and i ate. lots.
lots and lots.
i am fat on lobster at present.
i am likely butter stained as well.

that was about it.

and it was awesome. i am chubby and happily content.

and have a freaking ton of photos to process and re experience.
but i think i managed to enjoy the real thing quite nicely the first time around.
which is sometimes a bit of a challenge for me.

with the family album shots to prove it!

photos to print and post and frame and display anywhere other than my home and for my mother-in- law's fb?
nah;). not too many of those.

but that was not the point and i think i succeeded very well in not taking any "good" shots.
just lovely family ones:).

with lots of lobster in them.


Lara said...

Looks wonderful!!! I'm glad you had a nice and relaxing time :)

m5 said...

I would so totally hang that photo of you in the lobster bib in my house. ha!