Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 words

that is what he has.

my little guy is a wee bit behind in his speech.
not in his ability to communicate or play or comprehend...just making words seems to be a little tricky for him.

the likely culprit is his ears. and some fluid that was playing hard-to-get-rid-of over the winter.
over and over and over again.
it did clear this spring, but left alex with a bit of a challenge.
come to think of it, most of the words he has now are the same words he had when the ear infections started.
and when he was not playing with the other kids, but standing off to the side of the playground? and when he would choose the cars over kids and not interact at his beloved sitter's home?
likely because he could not hear them. that makes me sad.
we probably did not notice sooner because we are just so damn loud in our house...he could hear US just fine...

so, we go back to the doctor to check his ears on thursday, maybe the ENT after that and to a hearing test as soon as i make the appointment.
then a little therapy ( for me perhaps;)?) with my wonderful friend laura who is guiding us through this. and as luck would have it, a fine speech - language pathologist who found some time for us on very short notice. and who has made us feel very positive about everything. thank you:).

 what next, little man?


Margaret said...

love to you all.

DaniGirl said...

Oh, that's rough. Sympathy to all of you... don't let the guilt get to you, though.

Hey, did I ever tell you about my brother? He didn't talk 'til he was nearly 3. (I'm 5 yrs older, and my mother still jokes it's simply because he couldn't get a word in edgewise. I don't know what she's talking about. Ahem.) They did a lot of speech therapy with him, and he was delayed in his reading, too. He's a bit dyslexic to boot.

Now he lives in a half-million dollar house outside of Toronto with his teacher wife and two kids, and is a programmer. He makes more money than me, and he could talk the paint off the walls.

Hang in there -- you're all going to be fine!

nelly said...

Dee still gets dizzy and once every blue moon loses consciousness because of some inner ear problem she had that originally we thought was the culprit behind her 2 year no word situation.(not even a dadadada..gibberish).
And she was slow to read at first, but my mom spent tons of time talking to her, enunciating (in russian, mind), and reading to her. Eventually she caught on and went beyond. She's a good writer, a mumbly but eloquent speaker.
Baby A struck me as an analytical mind, he's a problem solver - and that group usually takes some time before moving form analysis to conclusion and voicing it out loud.
You already recognized the issue, now it's all going to be much easier for you and all :)

much love xx