Friday, May 7, 2010

"Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world." -- Buddha

i just got out of the shower and hope that the muck of this week has been washed away.

i could rant about the behaviour of individuals on the internet, but that is redundant. well, other than to say that it is amazing in realizing that these people apparently function as adults in the real world. although i guess we could question how well. they use and abuse words without ever realizing the trail of idiocy they have left in emails and threads...well, the ones they do not delete, that is.

the nice thing is that you have the option to walk away, towards something positive and new, with nothing lost, other than time.

that craziness was only a small part of what made me sad this week.

i am lucky enough to have a circle of individuals who are very talented with the written word. this comes as no surprise to me as their creative talents span many mediums. what is heartbreaking is when words come between friends, being misunderstood, miscommunicated and misconstrued. what we write often reflects who we are and what we believe and when friends reject this...well, it feels like a rejection of yourself. the words leave marks. on both sides.

having had this happen in several areas of my life over the last little bit, i am hoping with a little quiet...a little time...the hurt passes and the wonderful moments that made these friendships special are rediscovered and the hurt forgotten.

well, if you are like me, not forgotten ( i never forget anything, who am i kidding...) but stored as a reminder of what to do next time a gut reaction overcomes common sense and sensibility. because anyone who cares enough to be hurt...cares enough to reclaim the friendship from the momentary power of words.

and a simple "i love you" goes a long way too.

(nowhere near as dramatic as being banned and achieving status, albeit temporarily as a "bad girl", but well worth it in long run. you knew i had to reference my banishment at least once, right???;))


DaniGirl said...

Ah, I am so sorry that I got you tangled up in some drama this week if you were dealing with other drama, too. While it seems to have all turned out pretty much better than it started and I'm having a blast with the new group, I still feel bad for dragging you into it!

I totally heart (snicker) that image, btw. ;)

angela auclair said...

you are too cute:)
you did not get me mixed up in that craziness - i mixed myself up. the history of that crap predates you and is unendingly tedious. i should have just walked away...i will learn one day:).

and it was a series of different hurts created through words over the last week or so that has had this on my mind...not one particular incident. bits and pieces of lots of things:).

heathre said...

you are such a bad girl ang!
i love what you wrote. love.