Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a whole lot of good

these past few days have just been filled to the brim with a whole lotta good...
a couple of neat opportunities with my pics...stitches out and
a pretty damn solid bill of health(okay...still waiting on stupid freckle,
but no need to worry yet )...sunshine and warmth everyday...several instances of me being the best mom ever;)...and now?

i just won a 10$ tim horton's card from some random online survey i took - i was one of their lucky participants!!!!

does it get any better than that?

so time to give back...
and i even have a plan.
yeah. that whole do good, get good thing?

i totally believe it.

and these pics? just proof that life is sweet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very nice all round, pictures, sunshine, fuzzy good mom feeling AND a $10 Tim's card!