Saturday, May 15, 2010

so my 14 year old protege will be making more money than me at photography

and that is a okay with me:)

miss lydia ( my young photog friend from post two or three ) has created a bit of a sensation for herself amongst the hundreds of teens on her fb page with her 365.
now, after a portrait shoot with a friend that she posted online...well, her photo world has just exploded! she has the teen scene from all over looking to have their photos taken by her. how cool is that?

in other photo news, i shot my first pre prom preparations ever.
and it was fun.
more than fun, it was wonderful.

i was a little wiggy about it at first...because i am still unsure about the shooting for money idea
(although, in full disclosure, this was a total freebie - i would not have thought of charging for it. these are friends. oooops. i can hear the ottawa flickr group screaming right now at that statement. i just broke some pro photogs business in half right there).

i keep thinking that deep down the only thing that will make me happy is to shoot for myself, when i want and how i want. the idea of somehow being beholden to someone else for the results of "my" photos bothers me. and stresses me out. and makes me not want to take pictures.

but then, when i started taking pics yesterday afternoon, surrounded by a gaggle of parents and grandparents and didn't matter. the only thing that was in my head was "holy shit. i got her. i gotherigotherigother!!!!!" and by that i mean, despite my initial anxiety, i was able to capture exactly who i know this kid to be:).

and that made me ridiculously happy.

i ran home, like a 5 year old, to load my shots...i was late picking holly up from school because i could just not leave the screen. so, um, yeah, maybe i can get my head around shooting for others...just maybe. or maybe i just really have to take pictures of people i like. would that be wrong?

i am just rambling...but i am at such a crossroads as to what to do, it is insane. i have the time. i have the tools. i have the technology. but deciding what and how to do it is just proving to be huge for me. i just need to decide already. there was other stuff as well this week. i had lunch with the director of the art gallery yesterday and she filled my head with several ideas...i mustered up the courage to speak to someone else today about exhibiting my work and was well received...i need to prepare 20 prints and frame them for a hanging for september. i need a website. i need more business cards.

man have i got stuff to do.


angela auclair said...

follow up:)

well, it appears as though not as everyone was pleased with my young friend's photo shoot.
the parents of the model in no uncertain terms that any shots having to do with that shoot be removed from the internet. including the one i have used as my first shot in the above post. so i am removing it, as i absolutely respect their decisions concerning their daughter.
you will likely not have seen it, but it was a lovely portrait - not one of the photos that the model's parents had issue with.
in it's place, i am including another of lydia's photos, from a shoot she did a while ago. that is not quite so controversial.

3limes said...

I was a professional photographer for 5 years before returning to teaching and then hopping off on my travels. I found it worked really well while having small children. I had business cards, a website, the whole kit and kaboodle. I did weddings, families, maternity... I loved it at first but after awhile I liked photography a whole lot less! Weird but true. There is so much stress involved. But when it worked well and people were happy, it was magic. Tough decision! Good luck with all this thinking.

nelly said...

funny angela, I'm at that same crossroads.
it seems to travel, I need to work with people - and potentially ruin my whole love of photography.

I still haven't decided 100% yet.

angela auclair said...

nelly, that made me chuckle. people=ruining your love for photography.
there has to be a balance...right???

nelly said...

there ought to be, I suppose.
but i've seen one too many freankish bridezilla and control-freak office/corporate headshot types during my make-up artist days that the thought of being the person photographing them gives me hives.

i suppose i can set some differences and preferences aside and just do it.. after all, the flipping 10 days i get from work is not enough for holidays, so i should find supplementary income to travel properly :)

for the record: i *hate* being a grown-up.