Friday, April 30, 2010

a little influence

ever think back to what you wanted to be when you grew up?

i wanted to be a journalist from the time i was little. it may have been my dad's vintage superman comics that introduced me to lois lane and the idea of being a woman in the know and on the go...

it never happened. i took creative arts in cegep, which catered to my love of photography and the darkroom. i worked on the school newspaper, becoming photo editor...and then i chose a university program that did not lead to journalism.  i still wonder why. it was a confusing time and i was young and intimidated. i do believe the idea of a portfolio presentation freaked me out.

it is not a huge regret, my life has turned out to be pretty wonderful without a career in journalism
(okay...without a career but i digress)...BUT.
i wonder what it would have been like if i had taken a chance, if i had had someone to give me a push to follow that particular dream? i still think about it once in a while. enough to go back to university at 38. enough to consider a journalism program at 40.

i think this has been on my mind as i watch my teenage son's friend L develop her talent. L is a quirky, intelligent, funky independent, talented photographer. she is just passionate about her world and shares her experience through her camera lens. i watch her and just hope that she holds on to that passion and runs with what it gives her back. and gives to others. i learn so much through what she shares  - her perspective is raw, an open book on her life and emotions. it is something else.

and i hope that she realizes that she can do anything and that her passion is something to be nurtured. she is lucky to have parents and teachers that encourage her - and friends that just eat up her work. her friends. what a gang. she has undertaken a 365 project, which she publishes daily on her facebook page. it started with very little fanfare but has grown into something much bigger...and i am thrilled to watch it develop as her abilities as a photographer grows.

i hope that whatever i have to offer her, whatever she sees in my work that entertains her, supports her in following her passion and ideas about the future. and gives her the push to go for the scary stuff earlier.


nelly said...

I, too, wanted to be a journalist. Travelling with my parents made me write a lot about what I saw, and then it became natural to sit and observe the human element without being part of the story (mostly because I never stayed anywhere long enough to integrate into the scene).

I made the same decision at uni and picked something that was both interesting and viable in the long run.

My role models are still mostly journalists, and when I was 12 I did follow around a full time female journalist in the Mid-East that got more than her fair share of controversy. To me, it's a higher calling and requires a tonne of sacrifice in order to be done properly. At 18, the sacrifice seemed too big. Now, I would reconsider and possibly go back to uni for journalism.

And Angela, it's never too late. sometimes the things we do take us to the road we were meant to be on in the first place. Does that make any sense?
*i need more coffee*

Lydia said...

just though i'd let you know, there was a question for the practice literacy test, and it was someone you look up to or something
and i put you, just because you win at life, and you're like my camera coach
thanks ! :)♥

angela auclair said...

you calling me your camera coach just made my day:))

lise Irwin said...

you need to step back and look at all you have accomplished and the fact that you will never stop with this passion you own....uou continue to excel in many ways.
Take pride.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine you ever being intimidated by anything...ever...
This was a very enlightening read, Im happy I got to share in it! Perhaps this is the first step to your new journalism career...recognizing that A. you still embrace the passion are good at it and 3. ANYTHING is possible if you truly want it!

L Mac said...

"it takes a community..." i'm thankful that you're in our family's - cause, you know... :)

L Mac said...

"it takes a community..." i'm thankful that you're part of our family's