Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i'm a weiner

so...i am a big advocate of getting your art off your computer and on to a wall somewhere - your own, a friend's, an art gallery's...

so i did that, entering into a juried art show last year as one of 5 accepted photographers. i did not win anything, but the experience of "being hung" was wonderful and empowering.

this year our local art gallery offered up it's first ever juried photography show, so i jumped in once again. but it was much harder this time. all photographers? like, real competition?

i had more work to choose from and the choice seemed daunting. do i go with a theme? do i go with what i consider my strongest pieces? do i go with my sentimental favourites? i went back and forth for weeks, before soliciting the help of some photographer friends and some non photographer friends. i narrowed the field down to four pieces...and then begged the art gallery director to make the final cut to three for me.

yeah, i chickened out a little. and i would have chosen differently, but i think the right choices were made in the end.

all that said, i won nothing in terms of the actual juried competition. there was feedback on my shots, some criticisms warranted and noted (others not so much) but again...what a feeling to see my shots hung in a gallery. something about that just makes me very happy.

i spend a lot of my time engrossed on my pictures on my computer and online...it is just nice to share it with real people once in awhile.

so, fast forward to today.
i got a call from sylvie, the art gallery director, asking if i was close to my computer. of course i was;)...so i pulled up the gallery site to see DJ Drool staring back at me, as the 2010 People's Choice Award winner.

i am all warm and fuzzy inside.
i know - puppies and babies and rainbows are hard to resist...but when it is your baby ( both in terms of shot subject and the shot )...man, it feels good:).

so here is to getting it off your computer and in to the real world. it can be what you want - your writing, your artwork, your photos, your time...



Lucy said...

Well done!!!

DaniGirl said...

Okay, first, you have a blog and I have to find out on Twitter? Bad girl!!!

But second -- SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Oh, I'm so proud of you!! You are forgiven for the transgression above, only because I am so happy for you. But don't let it happen again!


P.S. If you want me to play here, you have to open the comment thing to allow me to post by name/URL, cuz it's rejecting my OpenID and I have to use my stale google account. (Erm, I hope you want me to play here!)

Capital Mom said...

That is awesome. And it is one thing to "win" in a competition, but it is pretty darn nice to know that your peers loved you best!